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Do you want to travel, experience a new culture and make a living in the process?

My name is Mason Stewart and I choose to live a life abroad. As a teacher, blogger and podcaster I travel in search of new adventures and to inspire global citizenship.

I know what it's like doing the same thing day after day, being unfulfilled with your job, and no time and/or money to enjoy doing what you want. With so much opportunity to make a living while traveling, why limit your experience?

To get started living a life abroad:

  1. Get your FREE copy of the eBook Global Citizen
  2. Choose which field is best for you
  3. Take proper certification courses (if necessary)
  4. Begin a life abroad

There are countless jobs around the world who will pay you to work, teach, travel, and experience new cultures. So what are you waiting for?!

  • Experience new cultures
  • Travel the world
  • Make money
  • Impact lives

You can only journey forward if you are willing to leave where have been.



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Learn more about how you can get paid to live and travel while in a foreign country!